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GAMERS is not your typical website to play video games online, but a social network exclusively dedicated to video games, both new generation or modern in 3D, as well as classic, retro or vintage, from the arcade era.

A perfect place to make new friends and meet new people who share the same interests and hobbies as you.

Join groups of Spanish and Latino gamers who are already part of our great community.

Have fun sharing tips, tricks, experiences, epic game fails and wins!

Video games

I have no doubt that if you are reading this content, you are part of the great global community of people who are passionate about video games.

Video games are amazing.

Some use them to pass time and have fun, others make a decent living playing them. It's not that hard to imagine that with the way the current video game industry evolves it's only a matter of time before games become as real as reality itself.

That being said, here we bring you the latest and greatest video game information, everything you need in one place, and best of all, you can interact with that information, liking it, commenting on it, and even contributing with your own. Check out the list of the best video games ranked by our community.

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Being aware of everything that happens in the gaming industry can be a challenge, becase its pretty big world.

In some cases you need to spend a lot of time browsing the internet visiting multiple websites and forums just to get the answer you are looking for.

Say no more! Here you can find everything you need and much more.

Interested in increasing or improving the performance of your PC Gamer?

Need to configure the hardware or software of your computer?

Maybe your console settings or some game?

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Video game consoles

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How does it work?

To buy a product in our gaming store many cases no user account is needed, if seller chooses to!

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Computers and Parts

It is not cheap to be up to date in terms of technology/IT and computers. The newest and most exclusive computer parts are the most expensive ones!

Alike components, PC prices vary depending on the components it has!

It is important before buying a computer o some part to do a bit of research and compare prices on different computer websites.

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Have any old video games or a used console laying around? Do you know they still have value? Maybe not be for you, but there are plenty of players who might be looking for your item!

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Discover the latest instant gaming news, published every day. News, rumours, launches, surprises, leaks, etc.

The latest in games and accessories for different platforms such as consoles versus PC.

The news about desktop computers, laptops, computer components and much more.

Apart from reading you can also contribute with your own news that will be read by thousands of readers.